Aug 24, 2016

Windows Server 2003-based terminal servers can automatically discover a Terminal Server License Server that is installed on a member server that is running Windows Server 2003 and that is configured as an Enterprise License Server in the Active Directory directory services site. If the Windows Server 2003-based Terminal Server License Server is Windows Server 2003 – Amazon Web Services With Windows Server 2003 end of support, you face increasing security and compliance risks. Microsoft recommends AppZero for moving a variety of applications from Windows Server 2003 onto a newer operating system. AppZero is a hosted application migration tool that lets you easily move your applications onto AWS. » AppZero in AWS Marketplace Windows 10 and Server 2003 - Microsoft Community Mar 19, 2018 Windows service - Wikipedia

Windows Server 2003 – Amazon Web Services

windows server 2003 networking - 1) use a windows server 2003 in LAN-A as smtp/pop server. 2) connect lan-a to this server and send/receive messages through outlook. 3) connect one pc (win xp) in lan-b to this server (on 2nd NIC) and send/receive messages through outlook. 4) most important no pc on LAN-B should be able to access my files in LAN-A. Windows Server 2003– Overview, Versions and Features

Sep 13, 2006

How to: Disable WSUS on Windows 2003 SBS | Noel Pulis Blog For Windows 2003 server, you might do the following to have a clean stop of the WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) service. Stop the Update Service from the services.msc or from Administrative Tools/Services Also set the service as disabled. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition