Dec 14, 2012

Jun 28, 2019 Configuring TCP/IP and Proxy Settings on Mac OSX | Answer Nov 28, 2016 Free Proxy Server for Mac - Free downloads and reviews

Apple OS X Server: How to configure a VPN service

Setting Up a Proxy Server on a Mac. If your business uses Mac OS X and wants to use a proxy server to control or secure Internet traffic through your network, there are some considerations to be mindful of. Apple’s operating system allows you to control what types of Internet traffic must pass through a proxy. How to Run Your Own SOCKS Proxy Server on OS/X | FoxyProxy

Jun 28, 2019

Note: I use 10.5.2, and I don't know if networksetup is available in previous versions of OS X. If you do not have networksetup, then ToggleProxy will not function. [robg adds: I haven't tested this one. If you'd like to see (or change) what it does, you can first view its bundled AppleScript and bash scripts. User Guide on How to Create Proxy Server - Techilife Mar 03, 2020 Supported platforms, environments, and operating systems Apr 22, 2020