How to use laptop as a wireless router

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Fortunately, your Wi-Fi router can help by managing who has access to what online content, and when. You just need to be willing to dig through the settings a bit. You just need to be willing to

How to Use Your Laptop/PC as a Wi-Fi Router in Windows 10 Recently I set out to use my laptop as a Wi-Fi router in Windows 10, but to my surprise I found that it was slightly more difficult than it used to be in previous versions of Windows. I tried following this guide , which instructed me to use a software called Virtual Router to turn my PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot. How to use your computer as WIFI router - Techlineinfo P.s . Laptop users can use this directly as there is inbuilt wireless router card PC users need to buy USB wireless adopters like this to stream your wifi,before getting the device post a comment so that I can tell the cheapest place to buy it.