Domain name, Address of a computer, organization, or other entity on a TCP/IP network such as the Internet.Domain names are typically in a three-level “server.organization.type” format. The top level, called the top-level domain, has usually denoted the type of organization, such as “com” (for commercial sites) or “edu” (for educational sites).

Domain to IP converter - Convert Domain name into IP Address Enter the domain name for which you want the IP address and press 'Submit.' The application will display the domain name, IP address, country, and ISP. Asides from displaying the IP address, it tells you in which country the IP address is located and the name of the web hosting service provider who is hosting the domain that you searched for. How to Find IP Address of Website Dec 11, 2018

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By definition, a domain name is simply a human readable form of an IP address. In function it is the destination that you type into a web browser in order to visit a website, such a Metaphorically, it is very similar to how you would scroll to a contact in your cell phone rather than manually dialing the person by entering their full phone number; the phone number would be an

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Lookup, Trace, Track, Find My IP Location with IP tracking technology and IP tracer tool from . Domain To Location. Domain To location is simplified version of our IP Lookup tool. Enter for example or or any other domain name to get more information about location of domain. How do i find my DOMAIN name - Microsoft Community May 16, 2011 6 Commands to Find the IP Address of a Domain in the Linux Jan 06, 2020 Find out the domain name associated with an IP number in Unix