Jul 20, 2019 · A hacked email account is when someone else illegally logs into your account to read your email, send their emails as if they come from you and access your address book or list of contacts. Hacked email accounts are commonly used to send out spam and viruses – including to the friends in your address book (which they will not thank you for!)

My email was also hacked and the Instagram email was deleted. However after regaining access to my email via security questions, I was lucky enough to find the email from Instagram in the trash folder… there were about 5 emails after they changed my email address / username etc. Thankfully i could use this email to regain access Think Your Computer's Been Hacked? Here's What to Do Learn the best way to report security issues affecting your computer. From Opening An Email To Being Hacked | Royal Jay

Nov 21, 2019

Jul 20, 2019 What To Do When Your Business Email Gets Hacked Jul 25, 2017 Signs that your computer has been hacked

Jul 25, 2017

Someone hacked my account? - PayPal Community Hello, I found out a few hours ago that someone bought airline tickets using my paypal account. I saw a email from Paypal that I was charge almost $900 for a flight I never booked. They wiped out my Paypal balance plus took money from my checking account. I immediatly called Paypal for help and My email was hacked, now what? | Sponsored | gazette.com Jun 23, 2020 4 Ways to Fix Your Hacked Hotmail Account - wikiHow