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With Kepard VPN service you easily can secure your entire internet connection. Protects you from hackers stealing your personal data even in public places when using Wi-Fi. Make safe online transaction without worrying about data interception.

Kepard is an extra ordinary VPN provider that offers you straight forward VPN connections eliminating the ordinary options. The software has eye pleasing design and easy to use interface. It is really effortless to configure between OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. May 08, 2017 · The privacy on internet is getting diluted day by day. Kepard VPN service is on the top notch VPN service which abides by all the generic VPN rules and has all the advanced features. Just 29 percentor almost one in Tunnelbear Safe Vpn three respondentssaid they actually do use one. Of those who reported using a Nordvpn Dedicated Ip Cost VPN, 18 percent said they do so on Tunnelbear Safe Vpn their laptop or desktop, while just 5 percent use one on Tunnelbear Safe Vpn their smartphone or tablet. Kepard offers secure Internet access all over the world utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Kepard’s VPN offers users the ability to transfer unlimited amounts of data, all encrypted and safe from third party interception. Plug and play enabled, users do not need physical devices to configure and use the hardware.

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With Kepard VPN service you can easily secure your Internet connection. This software protects you from hackers stealing your personal data even in public places when using Wi-Fi. Kepard is easy to use solution to secure Internet connection and protect privacy using VPN technology on your Android smartphone. Using our application you can:-Hide your IP. Nobody will know your real IP and where are you coming from.