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Hi Jeff, There is no option to allow the auto-update per connecton profile. What you can do though, is to disable this feature on the XML profile, since the XML profile can be defined per group-policy, you just need to deploy the profile either by having the users connect to the specific tunnel-group where the group-policy with the no auto update XML profile or deploying the XML profile VPN May 07, 2020 Download Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software | Goucher

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The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client software may be used to establish a virtual private network (VPN) link to the MSU campus network from MSU faculty, staff, and student computers over the Internet. This will allow access over the Internet to services which are, otherwise, restricted to use … Cisco Systems VPN Client - Wikipedia Cisco Systems VPN Client is a software application for connecting to virtual private networks based on Internet Key Exchange version 1.. On July 29, 2011, Cisco announced the end of life of the product. No further product updates were released after July 30, 2012, and support ceased in July 29, 2014. The Support page with documentation links was taken down on July 30, 2016, replaced with an Office of Information Technology - Service Desk

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Download Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software | Goucher Download Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software Faculty, staff, and students can utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to access files and programs located on internal network servers. AnyConnect Client Software - ASDM - Cisco Community Hi All im looking to move to 4.8 AnyConnect Client Currently, we have anyconnect-win-4.5.03040-webdeploy-k9 down for the client image, but i have a few questions if i add the image 4.8 will the firewall need a reboot once the latest version is in the image list can i delete -anyconnect-win-4