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Experts split on Port 445 security risk | Computerworld Because security vendors had noticed a rise in activity related to TCP/IP Port 445, which is associated with SMB, Gartner concluded that a "mass attack" could be in the works. Communication ports for Symantec Endpoint Protection management server also uses TCP ephemeral ports. All. TCP 8443. Server communication (HTTPS) SemSvc.exe. If you decide to use the Windows firewall after deployment, you must configure it to allow file and printer sharing (port 445). For more information about configuring Windows firewall settings, see the Windows documentation. TCP Retransmissions to port 445 - Wireshark Q&A

Yes you can, a TCP/IP session is identified by the following 5-tuple: (src-ip, src-port, dst-ip, dst-port, protocol). In your case, 4 of the 5 values have to be the same: src-ip (A), dst-ip (B), dst-port (445), protocol (tcp). As such, the src-port still gives you a degree of freedom, by variating this, you can set up multiple sessions. This is

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Port 445 is opened on a Windows Server when using the

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