IP Spoofing. IP (Internet Protocol) forms the third layer of the ISO model. It is the network protocol which is used for the transmission of messages over the internet. Every email message sent

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Spoofing, by definition, means to imitate or trick someone. To understand the spoofing attack, we need to examine the IP packet structure in detail. Many cyber attacks stem from design flaws in the fundamental network designs; packet spoofing is no exception. Please refer to Figure 1. Figure 1: Ethernet network packet

It's one of many tools hackers use to gain access to computers to mine them for sensitive data, turn them into zombies (computers taken over for malicious use), or launch Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks. Of the several types of spoofing, IP spoofing is the most common. How spoofing works. To start, a bit of background on the internet is in order.